F45 Park City

F45 is a global fitness and lifestyle community that brings you a complete wellness solution from functional training and HIIT, to nutrition, challenges and accountability.

We are more than just a gym. We’re a family.

At our studios you meet real people and get real results because your F45 community is there to motivate and support you.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or are 20 years into it, F45 workouts are designed to work at all levels. We’re all in it together.


Achieving your fitness goals is easier – and a lot more fun – when you’re part of a group. Because having a team behind you keeps you accountable and staying the course.


F45 studios are no judgment zones where coaches and members work together to get results in an open, welcoming, supportive and protective environment that fosters a real sense of community.

Team Training is Life Changing - Come join our Park City Team today!