Game night live

Our ideal Host (MUST have reliable transportation, be 21+ and have a reliable laptop).
  • Is comfortable speaking to an assembly of happy beer-fueled trivia, sports and/or music fans over a microphone
  • Has a strong speaking voice
  • Can potentially host at least a show or two every week
  • Added bonuses: Quick wit, basic computer skills, and ability to multi-task
A typical GNL night includes. . .
  • Meeting new people and making friends
  • Creating a playlist of fun music
  • Engaging and entertaining the players
  • . . .all while running an efficient game
How it works. . .
  • We supply our Hosts with the games and equipment they need to host GNL events
  • We provide our Hosts with a location to host weekly GNL events at.
  • Our Hosts provide a laptop, some fun tunes, and their stellar personalities.
  • Our Hosts are awesomely fun at these shows, getting teams to come back for more every week.
Building a successful GNL night means building relationships and getting more people involved. . .
  • Our Hosts know all of the staff and their regular players at every game night
  • The best Hosts think of their players as friends, not an audience
  • Hosts should promote their shows at any and every opportunity.
  • The more people our Hosts get involved with the game, the better our Hosts get paid.
We pay a minimum of $45 for each show, and more for shows with better attendance.
This is an outstanding way to get out of the house, meet new people, and stack some extra spending cash on the side. If you only want to make a quick buck, then this job is not right for you.