JW Bennett

JW Bennett, is a fast-growing manufacturer and retailer of handcrafted felt hats, bands and accessories.  It was founded in Jackson, WY and represents the strong values its founder, Sarah Kjorstad, embodied growing up on a ranch where she learned the importance of strong values, connection to the land and pure grit. Her hats, and the passion that fuels their creation, are a reflection of her classic style and cowboy heritage.

As a company, JW Bennett, stands firmly in integrity of work, creative design and quality handcraft.  Our goal is to create a brand that is recognized globally for integrating life’s dichotomies.  We are refined but also gritty.  We love to have fun and we work hard doing so.  We are fashion-forward and modern yet rely on our mountain lifestyle to ground us in tradition and history.  We are female-owned and inspired by strong female role models in Wyoming and internationally.

We are looking for passionate, creative and hard-working individuals who are interested in developing and growing with the company.