Sim.Sports Arena

Sim. Sports offers training and fun on Ski & Snowboard Simulators. Sessions include a warm up work-out as well as simulator time. Free ski, slalom, GS& Downhill training is available.

Mar 15, 2023
Part time
$20.00 - $30.00 hourly
Sim.Sports Arena
Sim.Sports is a new sports concept that provides Olympic style training methods to the general public. Sim.Sports Utah has two SkyTech Sports Ski/Snowboard Simulators for the use of all athletes, from those just beginning to those who have mastered the sport.  Our sport simulators combine physical activity with the fun and excitement of virtual reality and simulated courses.  Our machines give customers the ability to train virtually on actual Olympic and World Cup courses from Beijing to Beaver Creek. Sim.Sports looks for individuals that enjoy snow sports and can provide an enthusiastic environment for all individuals looking to try simulated sports. RESPONSIBILITIES Facilitate simulated skiing on a SkyTech Ski Simulator. Provide feed-back to athletes on their positioning and general use of the machine during their session. Ensure athlete comfort and safety during session. Share feedback and SkyTech report with the athlete at the end of...