Mountain High Outfitters

Mountain High Outfitters is anything other than a traditional outdoor retailer. Upon entering a store you will notice a vast array of items and brands that create a compelling story for any patron. The selection of gear and footwear is just as pronounced as apparel, with products for activities like Backpacking, Bouldering, Camping, Caving, Climbing, Hiking, Longboarding, Mountaineering, Snowsports, Trail Running, Slack Lining, Stand Up Paddleboarding, and Yoga. This wide of a variety of activities lends itself to being an in store cultural experience more than a shopping experience. If there is something MHO can do to get its clients outdoors and keep them there it will. MHO prides itself on having knowledgable and seasoned staff making it a comfortable place to prepare for your first adventure, an expedition, or just a part of your lifestyle. Building a community is something on the forefront of the vision of MHO and it’s movement. Either in the stores, or being out at many events and activities, it is an important part of MHO’s culture. Visiting a store in person is the only way to really get a true feel for this diverse retail brand. Come experience MHO and be a part of the movement.