Vessel Kitchen

Between a mountain of fast food and a handful of great restaurants out of reach for daily dining, we saw an opportunity for something better: A fine dining vibe at fast casual affordability and convenience. Bright, clean, and authentic. Scratch preparation and flavors from around the world. This may be an uncommon concept, but it’s everyday at Vessel.

Fuel for the road ahead.

Any restaurant can make you full. Vessel is about joy in every bite and feeling great afterward. Pause, reconnect, and renew. Vessel will have you ready for whatever comes next.

Honest food by real people.

Can we make it from scratch? Can we source great ingredients? Do we love it ourselves? If we can’t answer yes to all three questions, it doesn’t go on the menu. We didn’t have a master plan when we started Vessel, just a hunger for great food and getting the important things right.

Comfort food made new.

Vessel does healthy and healthy-ish. Our menu is chock-full of nutritious choices for vegans, vegetarians, those eating keto or paleo, and even the most stringent standards to meet Whole30 Approved guidelines. But we also love braised beef and mac + cheese (I mean…who doesn’t?) Whether you’re following a specific dietary plan or following your heart, Vessel has a choice that celebrates the path you’re on.

Establishing a new normal.

For the flavor-obsessed and fuel-focused, Vessel Kitchen is defining a new normal. Healthy and healthy-ish. Clean. Local. Seasonal. Responsible. Flavors from around the world. An upscale vibe and quality at fast casual affordability and convenience.

Food Forward Sourcing

We work to source local ingredients each season whenever possible. Not just because they are ‘local’, but because fresh ingredients taste better and supporting local vendors is a huge part of our identity.