Nourish Landscaping

Nourish Landscaping strives to introduce ecologically sound practices that bring value emotionally and financially to our clients while also benefiting the natural environment. We partner with you in the creation and beautification of your landscape and treat each landscape as a unique opportunity to nourish soils that will produce vibrant plants.


Our hybrid approach integrates conventional landscaping methods with ecological practices to improve soils, conserve water and grow breath taking gardens. Our approach reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides over time, increases plant health, increases pollinator visits and lengthens garden bloom periods. Nourish Landscaping is the only “Trout Friendly Lawns” Certified landscaping company in Utah and is dedicated to educating and assisting our client in reducing their impact on our local waterways with environmentally friendly landscaping methods. With our water conserving methods, we can also provide long-term cost savings.


Led by an ecological expert, Nourish Landscaping is driven by a passion to improve the natural environment and empower others to do the same. We work in a variety of landscape types and microclimates in Summit and Wasatch County from Snyderville Basin and Park City to Midway. We know there is no one recipe to a spectacular landscape so our approach is as flexible as landscapes are unique.


Nourish Landscaping owners, Sara Jo and Doug moved to the Park City area eight years ago to return to the mountains and a small-town community. With their furry sidekicks, Rita and Tuna Fish, they find joy losing themselves in the beautiful open spaces throughout Utah. In their Summit Park home, they are creating a backyard that is a water wise and wild retreat.