About Brydge

We believe in a seamless connection to the world around us; unlocking potential and enabling freedom. Through innovative technology and stunning design, we have created the ultimate in mobile and desktop productivity.

Our History

In mid 2012, the original Brydge launched on Kickstarter. It broke records and instantly developed a cult following. Its philosophy was simple; the iPad was beautiful so the keyboard should be too. 12 months after nailing Kickstarter, the original team behind Brydge had lost focus and sales were slowing.

While all this was happening, on the other side of the world in Singapore, long time friends Nick and Toby were looking for a side project. On a trip to South Korea, Nick saw a Brydge and instantly wanted one. After trying to have one sent to Singapore with no luck, Toby, Nick and his wife Justine decided to buy 200 units. Seeing the opportunity, a website was created, an impromptu warehouse in the spare bathroom was established and Brydge was now available in South East Asia.

After only a few weeks, stock was sold out and the opportunity was ripe. iPad sales were soaring and the trio decided to make an offer to take over Brydge. This was the beginning of what Brydge is today - all before Apple released their first keyboard.


Brydge has gone on to sell 1,000,000+ units worldwide. Products are now sold into 140+ countries and 6,000+ retail locations across the globe.

Brydge was born in California, raised in Singapore, and now calls Park City home. Our Silicon Slopes location provides the perfect combination of an outdoor lifestyle and accessibility to the largest consumer tech market in the world.

Acquisition of Henge Docks

In September 2019, Brydge acquired Henge Docks, a leader in docking solutions for the Mac Ecosystem. Brydge is thrilled to include Henge’s premium products into their portfolio and expand on their mission to offer customers industry leading solutions to enhance productivity.

Our Values

How did we grow from a niche brand to a global leader in premium tablet and desktop accessories? By creating quality, innovative, design-focused products that allow users to #GoDoMore.


Quality is at the core of what we do. From the designs we create, the materials we source, our QC processes and our customer service - we aim for best in class.


We're known for creating beautifully designed keyboards that combine the functionality of a tablet with the productivity of a laptop. Our patented hinge allows versatile viewing angles for productivity and comfort. The strong hinges stay in place for a true laptop-like experience, while allowing users to change from tablet to laptop in seconds.


We are the fastest growing tablet keyboard brand for the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface. Alongside our award-winning keyboards, we offer a range of premium mobile and desktop accessories including MacBook Vertical DocksDocking StationsLeather OrganizersScreen Protectors and Protective Cases.

Our Future

As consumer trends continue towards premium products that support everyday life, Brydge is 100% focused on continuing its legacy in producing quality products that are exceptionally well designed, simple to use and the perfect complement for the digital consumer.