Park City Brewing


Park City Brewing was founded in 2013 by a group of guys who loved beer. What started as a hobby turned into a booming business—but it turns out selling beer isn’t for the faint of heart. There were some growing pains, some mistakes were made, and in 2020 a new group who wanted to keep the beer flowing took over.

The people bringing Park City Brewing back are all locals who live, work, ski (and drink) here. We’re making beer that represents Park City culture and history—and that’s just damn good, wherever you live!


We pride ourselves on our core line up of delicious, quality, and consistent brand new beers that we sell to bars, restaurant, and retail locations. We also specialize in small batch, seasonal beers with a sense of place that are available at our brewpub location for carryout and dine in, as well as select locations on tap or retail. That all sounds super-pretentious, but trust us: This is beer you want to drink after fresh pow, a downhill, or just a good day (or a bad one, we don’t judge).


We’re taking the spirit of Park City—all of it, from second-home owners to lifties—and channeling that into our beers. It’s made by locals, for locals, and for people who can appreciate our spirit (or just a damn good beer).